Femdom Empire Video – Caged Slave

Hello and welcome back! Tonight we brought you some of the hottest femdom empire video we had around. This cute mistress will punish her slave for being a very naughty boy and she is having this special way of punishment: she has this huge dildo which will be used to stretch his virgin ass. Watch her chaining him on fucking his asshole like this is  the last day on Earth. You will also enjoy another crazy mistresses fucking their slaves or punishing them in the most original ways. Just watch and drool.

From the review if this femdomempire video it’s pretty clear for me that there are lots of ways of punishing a submissive naughty slave. These babes will show us how they do things and I think all are having results with their methods. Some of them are keeping their slave into a cage, in basement, others simply enjoys to watch that submissive slave walking on all fours to her feet. Many prefer tying them hard before hoping on top of their cock or other will bend to receive that ass worshiped they enjoy so much. Watch a crazy mistress gripping her partner’s hair and putting her ass on his face.Also, you will see some other babes just masturbating in front of their tied slave or spitting on him while riding his cock. Lots of crazy bitches putting men to their place and dominating like no other would. Just hit that play button and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. Have fun, you little perverts!

Femdom Empire – Horny Mistress

Here we are again and tonight we have for you this incredible femdom empire video starring that horny babe who loves riding fat tools, but only is the owner of that tool is all wrapped in latex. She will wrap her slave in latex, leaving only the cock out and gagging his mouth, she’ll hop on top and will satisfy her pussy. Watch her also slapping his hard cock or squeezing the balls. For sure, these babes have no mercy for any slave, so let’s make ourselves comfortable and let’s watch them in action.

Just hit the link bellow and you will enjoy one incredible presentation femdomempire video where all the mistress are teaching their slaves a lesson. Lots of cockboxes, sucking machine of ruined orgasms. These mistresses are capable of making any man their slaves, they will put you in your place by shoving a huge dildo into your ass or tying you up and putting a chastity on your beloved cock, then she’ll suck on it and will rub it just to ruin your orgasm. That is what they do, that is how they rule. Dominant woman, like the ones from queensnake.org, making man their slaves and teaching them lessons with a evil smile on their faces and wearing sexy outfits. That is what you will find here and is this presentation wasn’t convincing enough for you, hit that play button and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. But you better be ready, ‘cause they won’t be gentle!


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Pussy Tease

Hi there, femdom empire fans and welcome back! We have for you one incredible scene starring this sweet teen and her slave. She will prove tonight that even a younger woman can rule. That barely legal mistress will tease her slave until he begs her to slide that cock into her wet cunt. Just make yourself comfortable because this is something you do not see every day. A blonde mistress will rub her slave’s cock to her clit, getting him so horny that he’ll beg. Just watch.

Femdom Empire Pussy Tease So the blonde has this unique way of teasing her slaves. She will tie them good, the will hop on top. The blonde will massage the cock a little just to get that man in the mood, then she start to rub it to her wet clit. Her hairy cunt will be exposed in all it’s glory while the sexy mistress is rubbing the cock helmet to is. Watch her in this femdom empire update sitting on the cock and teasing him until he begs her. That is exactly what she wanted to hear. Soaking wet and horny, the teen will finally slide that hard tool deep inside her cunt while moaning loudly for your viewing delight. Let’s see how hardcore this naughty mistress can get. Watch her on our website where you can find the entire femdomempire episode. See you all there with the entire collection. You will find some other mistresses fucking their slaves or teaching them a tough lesson. You definitely gotta see them all. Have fun!

Femdom Empire Pussy Tease with alyssa


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Femdom Empire – London Keyes in leather

Hello, everyone! London Keyes is back for another Femdom Empire scene and the brunette is up for no good tonight. That horny mistress tied her slave on that bed just to have full access to his cock. Watch her teasing him until that cock is up and ready for some femdomempire action. And because that is exactly what she was looking for, the brunette will hop on top to satisfy her eager pussy and clit. Grab a seat back there as you just got front row seats to one of the hottest scene we ever had here. Her performing will make your cock begging you to jerk on her.

London is starting the scene by walking that basement wearing only a leather corset, those sexy tight stockings and some high heels. She goes straight to her slave who is waiting for. He knew that this slut is up for no good tonight from the moment she walked that room almost naked. Watch her throwing him on that bed and tying him with the hands up his head. How she has full access to his cock and will start to work on that for your viewing delight. Make yourself comfortable and watch her wrapping her lips around that tool before hoping on top. She will use her vibrator to massage her clit while she jumps up and down her slave’s cock. Just cum inside and see exactly what I’m talking about! Enjoy!

Femdom Empire Mistress London Keyes

Check out nasty mistress London riding her slave!

Mistress Kendra James – Femdom

Ladies and gentlemen, mistress Kendra James is back on femdom empire and that crazy redhead wants to teach us all a valuable lesson. So that lesson would be that a woman can fuck, and she will fuck as good as a man or even better. Watch the mean mistress fucking her slave in the ass, going hard on him and shoving her entire strap-on dildo into that tiny ass for your viewing delight. She also wants to prove tonight that a woman also can go deep throat into some mouth. Just make yourself comfortable and watch the sweet babe doing her thing for you on our cameras.

So the redhead started the femdom empire scene wearing that nice latex top. She will tie her slave to that nice device and will go deep inside his ass. But before that, she made sure her dildo is ready for his ass, so she will have it sucked. That submissive slave will prove he can suck, then Kendra will bend him for some anal session. She loves so much sliding her new toy deep into that man’s ass, then going on his  mouth and forcing  him to taste his own ass juice. In that way he would know how a woman feels when the guys to those things to them. Maybe this time he would think twice before asking a woman to do that. Anyway, as far as I’m concern, that filthy slave pretty enjoys it. Let’s go inside and let’s see how everything ended. Hit that link bellow and you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

Femdom Empire Mistress Kendra James

Femdom Empire Mistress Kendra James dildo fuck

See this kinky mistress fucking her slave!

Nasty Andy San Dimas

Hello, you all! Andy will be the one that will keep you company tonight and I got the feeling that the brunette will give you some wet dreams after watching her great femdom empire performing. That sweet babe love having her pussy licked and her slave will satisfy that need tonight. Well, that is why she keeps him, right? Right. Anyway, let’s not waste anymore time in talking and let’s enjoy her sitting on his face and having her pussy eaten for your viewing delight. Let’s not waste anymore time and let’s enjoy her in femdomempire action.

Femdom Empire Mistress Andy San Dimas

That brunette loves teaching her slaves different lessons and tonight she will  teach that man how a pussy should be treated. She spread those sexy legs and will sit right on his mouth. The horny slave is all tied up with handcuffs and his cock will be in that box. The brunette was ready for the ass worshiping session, so came with this see-thru costume. She moan loudly as her slaves is washing her ass and pussy with his talented tongue. You can guess that he did his best, knowing that the crazy mistress over there will punish him hard is he doesn’t do the things properly. Just hit that link bellow and see exactly what I’m talking about. I guarantee you will not regret this one! Cum inside and watch how far that crazy mistress can go. And say tuned as we will be back with more next time!

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Mistress Aleksa Nicole

We are back and tonight hot Aleksa Nicole will be the one who teach her slave how he should behave. Watch her, here at femdom empire,  having her ass and pussy licked and worship. She loves bending and having her ass licked. Also, the brunette will spread the sexy legs wide open just to offer us a better view to her pussy while that slave is licking it good. Let’s not waste anymore time and let’s enjoy that mean mistress putting her slave to respect and having that round ass and wet pussy worshiped.

Femdom Empire Mistress Aleksa Nicole

Her ripped slaved needed a femdomempire lesson tonight and the brunette took advantage of that and taught that man a lesson on our cameras. The mean woman will start by walking her slave a little and once she thinks he is ready, she will bend and will put his ass right in front of him he starts to lick and kiss her buttocks and her butthole for your viewing delight. Then she’ll spread her legs and will pull him from his collar chain closer. Her see-thru outfit allows that slave eating her pussy without taking off the costume. Watch her having her pussy eaten, then bending for some fuck from behind. It seems like her slave out her in the mood and the babe had to feel his throbbing cock deep inside her worshiped pussy. Just cum inside and see how everything ended. I guarantee you will not regret this. Have fun with Aleksa!Femdom Empire Mistress Aleksa Nicole dominates

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Femdom Empire – Sexy Mistress AJ

Hello, there, guys and girls! AJ is back and the blonde is ready to impress once again on tonight’s femdom empire scene. That horny mistress wanted to teach that man a lesson, letting him know about his place in this world. The sweet blonde will sit on his face, forcing him to lick that hairless cunt. Her big oily ass will be all over the camera for your viewing delight while that poor man is licking her tasty holes. I think that this is not a punishment. Any man would enjoy a hot babe like her sitting on is face, don’t you think?

The blonde knows how to put a man in his place, that is for sure. So watch her unleashing that slave and laying him on the bed just so that she could sit on his face. She was in the mood for some oral sex, so she wrapped her lips, as well, around his cock, getting it all hard and ready for some hardcore riding. She will make sure the cock is as hard and wet as she prefers and will hop on top to satisfy her pussy. The blonde will make that slave licking her legs and shoes, as well, then AJ will jerk him off until he sprays his cum all over himself. She loves watch them licking their own cum, so she will get this one eating his. Do not miss that part. If you wanna see exactly how everything ended, cum inside for the entire femdomempire scene.

Femdom Empire Mistress AJ Applegate

Enjoy watching this mistress getting her pussy eaten out!

Lexi, Cybill and Kendra

Hello, you perverts and welcome back! This is a very special night and we brought you some of our best mistresses to entertain you with a smoking hot femdom empire session. A blonde, a brunette and a redhead will show us the way a slave should be treated, putting that man in his place by shoving their huge dildos into his every hole, all at the same time. What can be better than a nice double teaming session starring three horny babes and a submissive slave?

Femdom Empire Lexi Sindel, Cybill Troy, and Kendra JamesLexi, Cybill and Kendra are for the first time into one femdomempire scene together, but this might be one of the best idea we could have. The three are rude and mean and will treat their slave like a real trash, teaching him a little about his place into this world. The babes loves fucking his holes with their huge strap-ons and will go as deep as possible for your viewing delight. Watch Kengra putting up his legs and sliding easily into his ass, making him moaning of both pleasure and pain. Then Lexi will fuck his mouth and throat. That poor dude will have to lick their pussies right after, as the babes will take turns on sitting his face. Watch the three fucking their slave like this is the last day on Earth. Just cum inside and enjoy the entire scene. This one simply cannot be missed. Watch and drool, everyone! Check out the http://clubdom.us/ site if you’re looking for similar videos and pics featuring hot mistresses!

Watch here these mistress fucking their slave!

Femdom Empire – Ass Worshiping

Femdom Empire is back with another horny mistress who wants to have her body worshipped. Watch that sweet brunette having her slave licking her ass and sticking his nose between those round buttocks. That little slut can be really mean, especially is she is not satisfied enough. So make yourself comfortable and watch that babe teaching a lesson and putting her man in his place. I guarantee her performing will make you and your cock horny and ready to jerk on her for a long time. Watch and drool, you perverts!

The brunette started by walking the room and having that amazing body all over the camera. She is not wearing any panties and that round ass will be all over the camera for your entertainment. The mistress will go to her slave and will untie him. She used to keep him tied up to the bed. So she will untie the poor man and will walk him around, pulling him from that collar chain. Watch her bending on her medieval chair and having him licking her ass, smelling that nice scent and putting his nose between her buttocks. She loves having that round ass worshiped and will make her every slave satisfying that need. If you wanna see how far she took everything, cum inside our femdomempire website. Also you can enter the strapon dreamer site and see other kinky mistresses fucking their men using big strapons! You can find there a nice collection with this naughty mistress. So let’s not waste anymore time and let’s enjoy her doing her thing on the cameras for us.

Femdom Empire Ass Worship scene

Femdom Empire Ass Worship

See this submissive slave worshiping his mistress’s ass!

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